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Saturday, December 17, 2016

General Knowledge of LED Light Compared to Incandescent Light

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You may find that the initial cost of LED light is quite high compared to the incandescent light, however they are much cheaper overtime than conventional light. There are some comparisons that you must know. 
Lumen(lm) or Watt(W)
Generally, a wattage isn’t an indication for brightness but a measurement of how much energy the light bulb draws. While the traditional incandescent bulbs, there is an accepted correlation between the watts drawn and the brightness. However, for LED light, the watts are not a good predictor of how bright the LED light will be. You must know how many lumens does the LED light produce. While measuring, ensure that the value is as high as possible, also keeping in mind the quality of the chip and the manufacturer. In this way, you will get a good quality LED light.
Color Temperature
LED light is quite capable of displaying a range of impressive colors. They include purples, reds and a spectrum of whites and yellows. You can look at the variety of LED lights and opt for one that suits your needs best. The color temperature is usually measured in a unit known as Kelvin (K). It is said that a warm yellow light has a lower color temperature with a lower Kelvin value. Thus, giving a comfortable atmosphere and ambiance. On the other hand, a cool blue light offering a higher color temperature with a Kelvin value that is higher is said to be more energizing.
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