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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Using Experience of a very Best Chat Software

It's a great accident that we find this very best chat online software, once we tried, we are very happy with its functions, fast reply and their qualified services, then we decide to use it immediately, few days later, we find, we love it for chat. This software is from JivoChat company(you can click, it will directly take you to their homepage, or copy this link to your browser, https://www.jivochat.com?partner_id=8482&lang=en&pricelist_id=4). It deserves you to make registration to have a try.
It's my great honor to share with you more details about this software, there are free version and professional version, you can try free version easily for start, no credit card required, only to register with your email, then you can get the guides to apply on your website step by step, it may be different, based on your website construction. And this free version is free forever, only many excellent functions you can not use. Any doubts while installing, you can chat with JivoChat team online by this software without any delay, or if there is time difference with them, you can leave your message to them through this software, then you will get contact soon. Once you tried, we are sure, you will love it very much as we do. 

There are many functions. First, once you have installed this software on your website, if all of your agent are not online, you can get the leave message to your set email, so there will be no missing for any single customers. If you are online, you can get instant view on how many visitors are on your website, and which web page are they in, once you chat with any of them, you can get their ip address, then you will know where do they from, so you can chat with them more easier. Besides, the chat record, which can be set in the platform, if you want, you can choose to send records to your email automatically after finishing your chat. Second, you can add as many as agents or departments if you want, it will be charged by agents, but do not worry, it is not expensive, and it is much worthy than that, as you will have more customers, more chances from them. Also you can add Telegram, Viber, Facebook, etc on this platform. Third, the admin platform is very good, you can set all your own information, your logo, your company name, your agents, your timezone, your welcome words, etc. It deserves you to register the free version to have a try, and you have enough time to try, as there are 15 days for trial, if you want to get the professional version. Fourth, you can set the language based on the country, and it is integrated with the Google translator, so with this software with this function, you will not have any language barrier to chat with anyone from anywhere, using any languages. Fifth, you can send files to customers online through this software, and agent can get service rating from customers, so you can get a management of how is the service from your agents. 

There are many other functions, you should find by yourself, and share with us what is your unforgotten experience. 

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