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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lighting for Health and Wellbeing Conference in US & Europe

The right light - making you healthier and more productive

 Lighting for Health & Wellbeing

July 27, 2017
Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa, Newport Beach, California
Europe coming soon

That’s what scientists are gradually realizing as research on how light affects the body and mind advances.
By influencing our sleep-wake cycles, the right kind of light can have a profound effect on our mood, productivity and health, making us work more effectively, recover more quickly from illness, and feel better. But how do you harness this in the real-world?

At this special one-day conference, you’ll learn:
  • The latest science on how light influences the body
  • How to apply this knowledge in practice
  • How light is being used to improve outcomes in nursing homes, schools and places of work
  • The latest products that harness the non-visual effects of light

Who should attend:
  • Compliance Directors
  • Facility managers at healthcare and office facilities
  • Consultants for healthcare and office facilities
  • Lighting designers/specifiers
  • Academia
  • Office space consultants

Know how to attend, do not hesitate to mail us at  led@BROSled.com, BROS will guide you without any charge.

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