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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

LED Panel Light Component Introduction & Light Guide Plate Advantage

Usually, the LED panel light consists of these main components, body frame, light guide plate, reflective plate, light diffuser, power supply, light source and installation accessories.

Here we would like to share what we are emphasizing on the light guide plate (LGP) in BROSintl® LED panel light. As we know, the design of the light guide plate is the most important technique dictating the effect of output light. Poor guide plates can cause dark spots and non-uniform output. 

We would begin with a question, have you seen any LED flat panel light which is with spots from the appearance after several months using? Probably yes. Let's explain, basically, there are two materials, PMMA and PS applied for light guide plate. The cost for PS is cheaper, and there is no quite difference from the look. If the LED panel light with PS as light guide plate, after lighting several months, you will see the dark spots or non-purity coming from the LED panel light. Because the PS material is not stable under certain high temperature, on this situation, the dark spots or non-purity come out. While PMMA cost higher, extremely transparent, with light transmission reaching 92%. And if the LED panel light with PMMA light guide plate, you cannot find these changes. 


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