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Thursday, August 3, 2017

the Meaning of Color Temperature for Automotive Lights

the Meaning of Color Temperature for Automotive Lights

Color temperature refers to the condition of the output of light in automotive.It can either be described in terms of coolness or warmth.It is measured in Kelvins. The modern LED lights are designed to accommodate an output ranging between a 100 to 10000K. On the other side HID lights range from 6000 to 10000 Kelvins. This does not necessarily mean that brighter light outputs equates to higher color temperatures. On the contrary the higher the color the more distraction it becomes. It’s all dependent on respective technology used. Light developers are very creative with limiting color temperatures to conform to normal human eye needs. LEDs color temperatures can be set accordingly to add exclusive value to consumers unlike is the case with halogen and xenon lights.

Light performance


The light produces amber color and mostly this kind of warm color is used for turning signal light.


This range of color temperature is very common with many users. Headlights within 6000 to 6300K appear whiter than those that exceed the level. They are more usable and convenient for road users since they do not have yellowish or extreme blue that can detract other drivers on the road.


At this temperature the yellowish color will diminish to produce an excellent or crystal whitish color. It’s recommendable especially for experienced drivers since it falls within the right light brackets.


At 7000K a blue tint starts appearing in place of the white light. It may appear very bluish depending on the quality of the bulbs. You can still manage to see things well at this temperature.

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